• src/sbbs3/sbbsexec.c uartdefs.h

    From Rob Swindell@1:103/705 to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sun May 8 00:43:59 2022
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    src/sbbs3/sbbsexec.c uartdefs.h
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    Improvements to virtual UART driver for WindowsIn the process of creating/testing the new Synchronet Virtual DOS Modem (SVDM) project, I made the following significant improvements:- Don't default the log level to DEBUG for debug builds- Add a "carrier change" event so carrier low to high transitions can be tracked too- Replace several lprintf() calls with lputs() for performance reasons- Specify 'volatile' storage for pending_interrupts- Interrupts are re-asserted if there are any pending interrupts after reading IIR register- Emulate FIFO enablement- Support RTS flow control signal- Remove conditional/configurable yields when polling LSR and MSR register, would just unnecessarily slow down terminal programs- Report "DCD change" in MSR correctly- Clean-up (e.g. close handles) in VDD_CLOSE handler- VDD_LOAD_INI_FILE allows an optional ini filename (instead of directory) as its argument - for loading an ini filename other than sbbsexec.ini (e.g. svdm.ini).Initialize log level in VDDInitialize(). For versions of Windows/NTVDM that use/call the "init proc" (this function), we just re-initialize global variables here.
    --- SBBSecho 3.15-Linux
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